Extensible Film Tape
Raw Material Used: Poly-olefin film
Application: General purpose wrapping of cables, wire etc
Adhesion Single Side
Adhesion Type Acrylic
Place of Origin: India
Thickness 150 mm
Different Sizes: As per customer demand
Color All colors are available
Quality Compliance: ISO 9001-2000
Brand WPPL
Different Names Wrapping Tape
Packaging Details As per customer requirement
MOQ: 100 Rolls
Delivery Within One week
Main Industry Automotive & White goods Industry

Product Description

Also known as Wrapping tapes, Extensible film tape are acrylic adhesive base tape which comprises a highly extensible and elastic Poly-Olefin film laminated one side to form the tape. The tape is easily stretchable and normally may be removed easily from an application surface by stretching the tape lengthwise in a direction substantially parallel to the surface.