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Polyester Tape

Polyster Tape
  • Overview

    WPPL Polyester film tapes also known as PEET/ Transformer tape are used in outer/interlaminar insulation of transformers & coils. These tapes offer superior dimension stability, heat resistance & are used in many application such as loop packing, stator loop covering & power transforming loop packaging.

  • Details

      Raw Material Used: Polyester Film
      Application: Electrical/Electronic
      Adhesion: Single Side
      Adhesion Type: Acrylic
      Design Printing: No
      Place of Origin: India
      Thickness: 0.055 mm to 0.080 mm
      Different Sizes: 3 mm to 720 mm
      Color: Multi-Color
      Quality Compliance: ISO 9001-2001
       Brand: WPPL
      Different Names: PEET/Transformer Tape
      Packaging Details: As per size
      Delivery: Within One week
      Main Industry: Electrical /Electronic transformer
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