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Crepe Paper Tape

  • Overview

    As the name suggests WPPL Crepe paper tape is made of hand tear able crepe paper, with single side rubber base adhesion. Used mainly in painting (especially car, furniture, toy painting), Light duty bonding & masking and mask off areas that should not be painted.


    The adhesive used allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue/ damaging the applied surface. These tapes are operate able at a temperature range 60-80 Degree C.

  • Details

      Raw Material Used: Paper
      Adhesion: Acrylic
      Adhesion Type: Single Side
      Place of Origin: India
      Thickness: 120 to 130 MICRON
      Different Sizes: 24 to 960 MM
      Color: Brown
      Quality Compliance: ISO
      Brand: WPPL
      Packaging Details: As per customer requirement
      Delivery: Within One week
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